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Name your star with Starify. Contrary to popular belief, NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration is not involved in star naming. The International Astronomical Union (IAU) is the scientific authority for official star names. Symbolically name a star as a unique and heartfelt gift. Explore our user-friendly guide for an unforgettable experience. Buy and register stars in your preferred constellation. Discover the world of stars with Starify.

Choose a Star Gift Package

Explore the Starify gift packages to find the perfect choice for your budget and preferences. With a wide range of options available, you can select the package that best suits your needs. Whether you're a star searcher, want to name a star after someone, fascinated by the moon and the star, interested in buying a star, or considering naming a constellation, there's a gift package tailored for you.

Choose the Star you Want

Name the star

Use our order form to choose the name of your star. You can name it whatever you like as long as the name is less than 20 characters. If you make a mistake, you can change the name before the star package is delivered to you.

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Personalize your star gift

Discover our personalized gift sets, tailored to your unique preferences. Choose a package with elements like a cherished photograph, a universe map, or a star name certificate. Personalize the gift further with star coordinates or photos, creating sentimental items. Celebrate special occasions with the magic of a named star, whether it's a birthday, anniversary, wedding, Christmas, Mother's/Father's Day, Valentine's Day, or engagement.
Embrace your star searcher spirit and embark on a celestial journey. Honor loved ones by immortalizing their name with a shining star. Marvel at the enchanting connection between the moon and the star. Explore the extraordinary experience of buying a star. Unravel the mysteries of the moon's planetary status. Choose to honor a beloved constellation. Our personalized gift sets unlock the wonders of the cosmos, capturing fascination and creating lasting memories.

Customize your star gift

Look at our amazing gift sets. Choose a package that has the cool features that you love. A photo, a map of the universe, a certificate of the star’s name, etc. You can also make the gift more personal by using the photo or coordinates of your star to create your own items.
Besides making the gift awesome, think about giving the gift on a special occasion to make it more memorable and amazing. Birthdays, anniversaries, wedding gifts, Christmas, Mother/Fathers Day, Valentines’ Days, and Engagements are some of the many options you can make more special with your star gift.

Claim and spot your star

Once you pay and register your star's information online, we'll email you your star certificate and any other goodies you choose. You can use your star's coordinates to spot your star in the night sky.
A star gift is a gift to remember. You can create more gifts with your star's name once you buy it. Naming a star after someone is the best way to celebrate a special occasion and make someone feel special. Check out our star packages and find the best gift set for your loved one today!